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Personal & Family Cover: Risk Disability

What disability insurance do you really need?

You have probably heard this one before: “When it comes to insurance, it pays to shop around”  hopefully for the value of the benefits that will be provided.

We at Procon know how different policies define and cover short, long-term disabilities and total disabilities. We also know what severe illness coverage you will receive, if there is a waiting period for the income to kick-in and how or if the income from the disability insurance policy will pay monthly or as a lump sum.

The answer to any questions will greatly depend on your specific circumstances. It will be best for you to meet with an insurance broker who has been in the industry for a number of years to compare policies, quotes and to explain the following:

  • The definition of disability in your policy.
  • Capital disability or Impairment or combination
  • The occupational definition – Own Occupation or own and similar
  • The adjustment of your income benefit for inflation
  • The benefits if you can still work part-time.
  • The increase of your benefit without doing another medical exam.
  • For how long you will receive your benefits
  • Any exclusions of the policy

Like any insurance policy, disability insurance has many different coverages that need to be understood and it is especially important that you know what you are getting and when, since this will be the income you and your family may be depending on in the future. Contact Procon